Guides to Democratic Citizenship

Maxwell Manual for Good Citizenship

Maxwell Manual for Good Citizenship

This is a completely revised update of the third edition of Public Policy Skills. That manual has been used to teach more than 30,000 students at Syracuse University and in a college credit course taught at more than 50 high schools as part of the academic program of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, the Number 1 school of public affairs in the country. Using this book and taking a course basedon it prepares you to bring your heart and your mind to solving the many problems that we face in the twenty-first century. The book teaches students the essential components for public policy analysis; how to get information from published sources and individuals; how to survey stakeholders; formulate public policy; examine costs and benefits of a policy; develop political strategies; write a briefing paper; research and write a quantitative research paper; among other skills. More >

Guide to NY State Government

A Guide to NY State Government

This seventh edition brings you the who, where, when, and how questions and answers about New York State government. An excellent supplement to courses on New York State government and institutional framework. Includes glossary and appendix on New York State Executive, Judicial, Legislative, and Administrative departments and offices. More >

Designs For Evaluating Social Programs-PS11

Designs for Social Programs - PS11

This manual introduces students to the basic concepts and designs necessary to evaluate social programs. Activities are provided to help students understand the factors jeopardizing validity; distinguish various types of pre-experimental, experimental, and quasi-experimental designs; and to select the best design for a given program evaluation. More >

Political Analysis Through the Prince System - PS23

Political Analysis Through the Prince System

Introduces students to the elements of a widely known and used system for making political forecasts and developing political strategies. Students are introduced to the concept of a political issue, to the key concepts of the 'Prince System', and to the way in which the system can be applied to any type of political issue. Included are applications of the system to historic issues, such as the U.S. actions in Vietnam in the 1960s and the American Constitutional Convention, as well as the role of politics in bureaucracies. More >

Vietnam War and Public Policy

Vietnam War and Public Policy

The Development of U.S. policy on the Vietnam War is a study in public policy analysis. To fully understand the how and why of our involvement in the Vietnam War, we must first understand the basics of public policy - how it is formed, altered and put into effect. More >