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War and Peace and Democracy

Four essays that ask: why again? And where goes the peace movement after Iraq?

By Mike Ferner


Of all the possible responses to the attacks of September 11, why did the U.S. government choose war? What can a reactivated peace movement learn from the Iraq war and from 20th Century social movement history to prepare us to do more than react to the demands of empire? In other words: how can we fundamentally challenge the power of corporations to turn our government against us and march another generation off to war?

Four short essays written by Mike Ferner, POCLAD's communications coordinator. The essays are War, Inc., written during the U.S. war on Afghanistan; Why I'm Going to Iraq; Statement to U.S. Troops in Northern Kuwait and to the U.S. Peace Movement, written in Baghdad; and Back from Baghdad...Where goes the Peace Movement after Iraq?