• ISBN: 094525797X
  • ISBN13: 978-0945257974
  • Copyright 2000
  • 377 pp.
  • Price: $24.95

Voices of Hope in the Struggle to Save the Planet

By Marjorie Hope and James Young


At the heart of the current global environmental crisis lie difficult moral choices, which are central to religion. This book explores the connections between faith and ecology, seeking to redefine and strengthen the bond between the two. VOICES OF HOPE portrays the lives of individual women and men who are searching to give life a new or renewed vision of humans' relationship to the earth, and describes actions to nurture and protect the environment launched by faith-based environmental groups.

What People are Saying...

...a compelling, informative, challenging, motivating, and highly recommended reading for environmental studies, activists, policy makers..

The Midwest Book Review

Breathtaking in scope and understanding....a joy to read.

Helen Lachs Ginsburg, Professor Emerita of Economics, Brooklyn College

A magnificent contribution to the dialogue of nature and culture in our day.

John Elder, author off Reading the Mountains of Home; co-editor of The Norton Book of Nature Writing

An incredible book....Voices of Hope is living history, the history of a movement destined to dominate the 21st century.

Paul Burks, founder of Earthlight Magazine