• ISBN: 1891843052
  • ISBN13: 978-1891843051
  • Copyright 2000
  • 207 pp.
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Seeds of Fire

Social Development in an Era of Globalism

By Maureen G. Wilson and Elizabeth Whitmore


Wilson and Whitmore, two activists with a history of "walking the talk" of working for social justice, offer a well-researched, provocative wake-up call for everyone concerned with the survival of democracy in the new millenium. Based on a compelling feminist critique of neoliberal globalization, they offer alternative strategies for international social development from the "ground up" through respectful accompaniment with transnational popular movements.

What People are Saying...

This is an excellent and useful volume. It is well-timed, helping us to understand how ordinary people everywhere can act, as subjects, to transform their worlds.... Seeds of Fire, in a process of globalization.

Orlando Falls-Borda, Professor Emeritus, National University of Colombia, President of Latin American Council for Adult Education (CEAAL).