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  • Copyright 1998
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Nuclear Weapons Are Illegal

The historic opinion of the World court and hot it will be enforced

By Ann Ginger


In July 1996 the International Court of Justice made history by declaring nuclear weapons illegal. Here is the complete decision of the Court, including the separate opinions and dissents of the individual judges. Also included are an introduction putting this historic decision in its broader political and legal context, an account of how a combination of non-governmental organizations and governments worked together to make it happen, questions for discussion, a glossary of terms, texts of relevant documents, tables of cases and treaties, and a complex index. This decision is must reading for every thinking and feeling person, whether scholar, student, lawyer, judge, activist, or citizen. It belongs on the shelves of every public and university library, every corporation and union, and every NGO.

What People are Saying...

"Nuclear Weapons Are Illegal is imperative reading for all those concerned about the fate of the earth."

- Helen Caldicott, M.D., first president of the Physicians for Social Responsibility and leader in the nuclear freeze movement

What People are Saying...

"Ever since I worked on the Manhattan Project, I have worked for the ultimate elimination of nuclear weapons. The WOrld Court decision was a very important event toward this goal.... Ann Fagan Ginger has done a magnificent job of explaining the decision and its ramifications."

- Owen Chamberlain, Nobel Laureate and retired Professor of Physics, University of California - Berkeley