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Abuse of Power

Social Performance of Multinational Corporations: The Case of Union Carbide

By David Dembo and Lucinda Wykle


The enormous size and global reach of multinational corporations make it increasingly difficult for any one country to hold them accountable when they behave recklessly. This book demonstrates just how serious and urgent the problem has become by exposing Union Carbide's record of abuse of its workers and the environment. Abuse of Power examines the inadequacy of existing mechanisms and presents new ways of curbing corporate irresponsibility.

Here is a book for everyone concerned about our economic and environmental future, including occupational health and environmental professionals; community activists; corporate managers; government and trade union officials; and workers, students and teachers in economics, business, environment, and many other fields.

What People are Saying...

"This important book is a comprehensive overview of raw corporate deceit and power over exploited communities in the U.S. and abroad."

- Fred Millar, Friends of the Earth

"Abuse of Power foreshadows the decline of chemical multinationals who pillage the environment and think their public relations men and lawyers can save their reputations."
- Barry Castleman, Sc.D., Environmental Consultant

"As industry expands nationally and internationally, a critical paradox becomes more and more acute--private responsibility for public health....This volume provides the essential analyses needed to determine how to resolve this modern dilemma, how to meet our responsibility to ensure the safe development of our complex world."

- Irving J. Selikoff, M.D., Professor Emeritus, Mount Sinai School of Medicine