• ISBN: 0945257457
  • ISBN13: 978-0945257455
  • Copyright 1992
  • 138 pp.
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The Maximum Wage

A Common-Sense Prescription for Revitalizing America - By Taxing the Very Rich

By Sam Pizzigati


More than 5 decades ago, in 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt advanced the most daring legislative proposal of the entire New Deal era: a maximum wage on the incomes of America's wealthy.

Roosevelt's maximum wage proposal, argues author Sam Pizzigatti, deserves a careful reconsideration. A maximum wage may be just what America needs to re-energize our lackluster democracy, jump start an ailing economy, and throttle the envy and grasping that so characterize contemporary American Life.

What People are Saying...

We Americans haven't had a real debate about taxing the rich in years. That debate is long overdue, and The Maximum Wage is one book that just might spark it.

Greg Tarpinian, Director, Labor Research Associatino

An excellent book - and must reading for everyone concerned about American's future well-being.

Ravi Batra, best-selling author of The Great Depression of 1990