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The Maximum Wage

A Common-Sense Prescription for Revitalizing America - By Taxing the Very Rich

By Sam Pizzigati


About the Author

Sam Pizzigati

Sam Pizzigati has written widely on economic inequality, with op-eds appearing in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Futurist, and a host of other newspapers and periodicals.

A long-time labor movement journalist, Pizzigati has edited publications for four different national unions and directed, for twenty years, the publishing operations of America's largest union, the 2.8 million-member National Education Association.

Pizzigati currently edits Too Much, an online weekly on excessive income and wealth published by the Council on International and Public Affairs (CIPA). He also serves as an associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C..

A Maryland resident, Pizzigati sits on the board of directors of Progressive Maryland, the state's leading alliance of labor, community, civil rights, and religious organizations. He also sits on the editorial board of the Labor Studies Journal and has served on the board of the Boston-based United for a Fair Economy, a national economic justice education and organizing effort.

You can reach Sam Pizzigati at editor@toomuchonline.org.

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