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  • Copyright 1988
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Humanistic Economics

The New Challenge

By Kenneth Lux, Mark Lutz, Mark Lutz, Mark Lutz and Mark Lutz


Economics has long been imprisoned by a one-dimensional view of the person and the narrow assumption of self-interest that this entails. Humanistic Economics breaks out of this paradigm by proposing an alternative framework that is no longer incompatible with actions undertaken for the sake of deeply held values, compelling reasons, and higher interests.

The new theoretical foundation makes it possible to discuss in a new light questions of social institutions, such as the relationship between government and the market, as well as social policy goals like full employment, industrial democracy, and balanced international trade. Equipped with this basic insight, the authors proceed to century-old ideologies of individualist capitalism and scientific socialism.

What People are Saying...

An important critique of conventional economics......I would be tempted to rename it Decent Economics.

Kenneth E. Boulding, University of Colorado

Well written - clear and logical, with occasional humor and imagination. A breath of fresh air when 'mainstream' economics has become so narrow and stifling....I enthusiastically recommend it.

Herman E. Daily, World Bank, author of Steady-State Economics

Neoclassical economics, and the paradigm that underlies it have been criticised to perfection. The Lutz/Lux paradigm of Humanistic Economics yields a much richer, more encompassing, nobler, and more humane perspective.

Amitai Etzioni, George Washington and Harvard Universities