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  • Copyright 1997
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The Reality Behind Corporate Environmentalism

By Jed Greer and Kenny Bruno


About the Authors

Jed Greer

Is a researcher on transnational corporations and hazardous technologies, formerly with Greenpeace International. His articles have appeared in "The Ecologist", "Third World Resurgence," and "Multinational Monitor" magazines, and he is the co-a-uthor (with Kavaljit Singht) of "TNC's and India: An Activist's Guide to Research and Campaign on Transnational Corporations" (Public Interest Group, Delhi, 1996).

Kenny Bruno

Has worked for Greenpeace since 1985 on a variety of toxics issues, and is currently an technology transfer specialist with Greenpeace International. He has written articles for "Third World Resurgence" and the "Multinational Monitor", and his publications include "Screening Foreign Investments" (Third World Network, 1994), which he compiled, and the "Inventory of "Toxic Technologies" (Greenpeace, 1994), which he edited.