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  • Copyright 1999
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Challenging Corporate Rule

The Petition to Revoke Unocal's Charter as a Guide to Citizen Action

By Robert Benson


The complete text of the historic complaint by a coalition of some 25 local, state and national women's environmental and other civil society organizations to the California Attorney General to revoke the corporate charter of Union Oil Company of California (UNOCAL). The foreword by Ronnie Dugger, Chair of the Alliance for Democracy, and introduction by author Robert W. Benson, Professor of Law at the Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, seek to place charter revocation in the broader context of the struggle for democratic control of giant corporations. The introduction also provides concrete suggestions on challenging corporate rule in other states. A practical guide to citizen action against corporations, and must reading for all who cherish the democratic ideals on which this country was founded and who are prepared to join the struggle for their realization.

What People are Saying...

"This is a pathbreaking book, bold and provocative. Its message is vitally important if we are to bring democracy alive in our country".

- Howard Zinn, Historian and Author of "A Peoples' History of the United States".

Tom Paine defended the American revolution because it was "recovering rights" that had been lost to "conquest and tyranny", promising "a new era to the human race". The corporatization of America in the past century has undermined that promise. This outstanding Guide to Citizen Action offers a valuable model for those committed to recovering the rights stolen from them by these 20th century forms of conquest and tyranny, and moving on to a new era of freedom and justice.

-Noam Chomsky, Linguist and Author of numerous books, including co-author of "Manufacturing Dissent".

The rebellion starts here. Benson and Dugger are writing about what Thomas Paine would be writing about if he were alive today - and they write with the same passion, urgency and love for democracy.

-Jim Hightower, author of "If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote They Would Have Given Us Candidates".