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Through Indian Eyes, 5th Edition

By Donald J. Johnson and Jean E. Johnson


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Through Indian Eyes offers students glimpses into Indian culture and history through the eyes of a variety of Indians: students, novelists, poets, political and business leaders and ordinary people. With a focus on the Indian life cycle, the Hindu world view, the struggle for independence and India as an emerging world economic and political power, the book offers cultural and historic themes that draw upon India's long history and its valiant attempts to build a democratic pluralistic nation out of hundreds of cultural groups, more than 20 major linguistic traditions and all the world's major religions. Through Indian Eyes invites students to compare these features with their own society that is facing remarkably similar challenges.

The first section deals with the Indian life cycle and focuses on the Hindu world view and social organization. The second section examines highlights from India's almost 5,000-year history and then focuses on Hindu-Muslim relations and the nationalist movement. The last section examines Post-Independent India's paths to economic development, the rise of the new consuming middle class, globalization, and India's increasing international status as Indians strive to integrate historic and cultural values into the emerging global world.

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What People are Saying...

Through Indian Eyes is a timely and useful book, especially when India is emerging on the international scene as a power to reckon with and when an understanding of her cultural past is important for an appraisal of her present status. This book neatly puts the issue of India's history in the context of her cultural traditions, ethos, changing society, and the efforts to bring in the new without losing the old. The book will undoubtedly be useful for students because of its balanced handling of the subject, well-articulated conclusions, lucid style and extremely readable presentation.

Usha Thakkar, Honorary Director, Institute of Research on Gandhian Thought and Rural Development, coauthor of Women in Indian Society and editor of Politics in Maharashtra

I am delighted that Through Indian Eyes is coming in a new edition. While meant for students, I can well imagine its being read with pleasure by people going to India and wanting "the best short book on India." I will certainly add it to the list of "best short books" that I am frequently asked to name.

Ainslee T. Embree, Professor Emeritus of South Asian Studies, Columbia University

Superbly documents the richness of India through informative narratives and primary source materials. Each selection offers a valuable voice for understanding the intricacies of Indian culture and history, the politics, economics and global concerns of modern India.... Since its first release in 1974, I have used each edition as a primary text or a companion source book for Area Studies, World History and Comparative Government courses. This newly up-dated edition is an especially wonderful way for teachers and students to explore how India views herself and her role in the current world community of rapid globalization and interdependence.

Gwen Johnson, Scarsdale High School, World History & AP Comparative Government teacher, Consultant, AsiaPacificEd, East-West Center, Hawaii