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Through Middle Eastern Eyes, 4th Edition (Post-9/11)

By Robert P. Pearson, Leon E. Clark, Robert P. Pearson, Robert P. Pearson and Robert P. Pearson


The January 2004 issue of Choice Magazine cited the post-9/11 edition of Through Middle Eastern Eyes as one of its:

"Outstanding Academic Titles"

This book provides an avenue for Americans in all walks of life to deepen their understanding of Middle Eastern peoples and their attitudes toward the United States and each other. The book creates contexts for readers struggling to understand current conflicts in the region-- Iraq, Israel/Palestine as well as the dilemma of the Kurds. It is one of the few books containing an overview of contemporary Middle East culture and politics with balanced views from Jews and Muslims rarely contained in one volume, including:

Since September 11, 2001, much of the world has turned its attention to the Middle East, mostly with a string of questions. Who were these 19 terrorist hijackers all from the Middle East? Why did they attack the U.S - the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC.? What is there about the Middle East, if anything, that would lead these terrorists to believe they were martyrs in a holy war and would be given a special place in heaven?

Through Middle Eastern Eyes attempts to answer these questions — and many more. The last five selections in the book deal specifically with 9/11 by presenting the views of Osama bin Laden, the relations to 9/11 throughout the Middle East, the agenda of radical Islamic fundamentalists and the response to this agenda by moderate Muslims. In addition, several other selections in the book deal with the tenets of Islam, its influence on people's daily lives, and the tug of war between traditional and Westernized values in the region. First published almost three decades ago, Through Middle Eastern Eyes attempts to bring to life the Middle East-a seedbed of history and religion, a hotbed of ethnic and religious conflict. Sources range from speeches and historical documents to autobiography, traditional and modern literature, and economic and political analysis.

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What People are Saying...

...an innovative and unique source of documentary material offering [students] insights into Middle East life with which they probably would not otherwise have access. I recommend it to teachers as a text to stimulate and provoke lively discussion.

Prof. Donald Peretz, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, State University of N.Y./Binghamton

After September 11th there is so much misinformed opinion and ideas on Islam and its relations with the West. I congratulate Professors Leon Clark and Robert Pearson for having produced a volume that brings a sympathetic objectivity to the subject. Without this perspective the 21st century may well be seeing the prophecy of those who believe that a clash of civilizations is inevitable. That is why I applaud Professors Clark and Pearson for helping us in the dialogue of civilizations.

Prof. Akbar Ahmed, Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies, American University

This book contributes to a better understanding of the Muslim world and therefore deserves to be widely read.

Choice Magazine

Who are these Arabs, Iranians and Israelis? Why do they think and act as they do? How can we begin to understand them at all? Fortunately Through Middle Eastern Eyes, a new volume in a series of introductory cultural studies, is now available to help students and teachers answer these questions.

Communique Magazine on the first edition