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Trespass Against Us

Dow Chemical & The Toxic Century

By Jack Doyle


The public release of Trespass Against Us was timed to coincide with the 20th Anniversary of the Bhopal disaster, for which Dow still accepts no liability for its wholly owned subsidiary, Union Carbide. This book chronicles the controversial legacy of Dow Chemical Company, from agent orange to Bhopal and silicone breast implants. In Bhopal, India, the Dow subsidiary Union Carbide is considered a fugitive from justice in a pending criminal case related to the 1984 pesticide factory explosion that killed thousands and injured a half million people.

The abandoned factory and nearby grounds remain highly contaminated and continue to leak poisons into surrounding communities, contributing to cancer and birth defects. As we went to press, Dow was under pressure to clean up the site, and to appear in a Bhopal court to face manslaughter charges.

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