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Bhopal: The Inside Story

Updated Second Edition

By T. R. Chouhan, Claude Alvares, Indira Jaising and Nityanand Jayaraman


On the night of December 2, 1984, forty tons of deadly methyl isocyanate leaked out of a Union Carbide pesticide factory in Bhopal, India, killing thousands and injuring many more. Bhopal: The Inside Story is the story of that tragedy through the eyes of eye-witness reports and personal testimonies of what really went on inside.

T.R. Chouhan, a former worker in the plant, tells for the first time what it was like to work in the factory that was destined to go down in history as the site of the world's worst industrial accident and recounts in detail how the disaster occurred.

In addition, personal testimonies and other eyewitness accounts from fifteen other workers disclose horrendous situations and practices in the factory, demolishing the carefully nurtured myth that multinationals like Union Carbide always bring "world-class" technology wherever they set up shop.

The book, co-published with The Other India Press, concludes with three separate insightful essays on the gas disaster and its aftermath by Claude Alvares, Indiria Jaising and Nityanand Jayraman, writers and activists.