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  • Copyright 2004
  • 288 pp.
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The Ambushed Grand Jury

How the Justice Department covered up government nuclear crimes and how we caught them red handed

By Caron Balkany and Wes McKinley


What happens when citizens investigate the government's cover-up of dangerous nuclear crimes? And catch them red handed? The Ambushed Grand Jury is the true story of how a cowboy Grand Jury foreman, an FBI whistleblower, a former plutonium worker who became a whistleblower, and a volunteer lawyer proved the Justice Department's cover-up of government and corporate contractor crimes at the Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Plant near Denver, Colorado.

What People are Saying...

A massive nuclear deception, a Justice Department conspiracy, a bunch of citizens who caught them at it and need our help. All true, and an exciting read.

Mike Gray, author, The China Syndrome

Whoever dreams of a better earth should take this story to heart. A fascinating, scary, very important story.

John Nichols, author, The Milagro Beanfield War and The Sterile Cuckoo