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  • Copyright 2003
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Myth America

Democracy vs. Capitalism

By William Boyer


Myth America exposes the lag of major American institutions behind the demands of the 21st century and the reinforcement of this lag by the media and schools miseducating the public. The author shows how the priorities of these institutions are undermining rather than achieving ecological sustainability and social justice.

Corporate power is driving public policy and Americans are being propagandized in the name of education to believe that capitalism is the basis for a democratic society. Foreign policy then projects self-righteous myths to justify world dominance and threatens the future of humanity. The search for strategies to gain public control of these dangerous currents is interwoven throughout the book.

What People are Saying...

A breathtaking analysis of American society ... and what we can do to create a just and humane world.

Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States

Here's a book that helps us understand ... global corporate power and what we can do to reclaim our own democratic power.

Jim Hightower, best-selling author, radio commentator and activist