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The Bhopal Saga

Causes and Consequences of the Worlds Largest Industrial Disaster

By Ingrid Eckerman


The Bhopal Saga is an incisive medicial and scientific analysis of the world's worst industrial accident. On the night of December 2 1984, while Bhopal slept, 43 tons of methylisocyanate and other substances leaked from the Union Carbide factory located in the city. By next morning the place was a graveyard of dead humans and animals. Of the 520,000 people who were exposed to the gases 8,000 died during the first week and 8,000 later. The impact on the survivors is visible even today. The pesticide plant from which the gas leaked was majority owned and controlled by the multinational Union Carbide.

This book, written in 2005, contains a thorough review of most of what has been written about the incident since 1984. It discusses the conflicting stance of the Union Carbide Corporation and the Governments of India on the moral responsibility for the tragedy.

Eckerman's analysis demonstrates that the two most important factors leading to the mega-gas leak were the design of the plant and the company policy of cutting back on expenses. The same analysis shows that negligence by the company and the authorities have critically affected the impact of the leakage on people's lives.