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  • Copyright 2001
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Defying Corporations, Defining Democracy

A book of history and strategy

By Dean Ritz


In these 70 essays, speeches, sermons and screeds, POCLADers probe: corporations as "legal persons"; corporate social responsibility as a ploy; strategies for amending state corporation codes and challenging judge-made laws; and much, much more.

This collection, which Howard Zinn calls "powerfully persuasive," chronicles POCLAD's evolution — among the twelve POCLADers and with thousands of activists. Here are hidden histories, crisp analyses and thoughtful responses to corporate apologists — all in one provocative book.

What People are Saying...

...this volume of thoughtful essays arrives just at the right time.

Howard Zinn

.....a work of historic importance... An essential resource for all who believe in democracy.

David C. Korten

Don't just read this book. Use it to get corporations out of our Constitution.

Arthur Kinoy

This book is a compelling call to all us as citizens to take back the power to shape and protect the ways in which we live together on this planet.

Elise Boulding

The first step in solving the problems is learning more about the problem, and how and why it grew.

Pete Seeger