About the Apex Press

The Apex Press, established in 1990, is a publishing imprint of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers. It was formerly an imprint of CIPA (Council on International and Public Affairs). The Council itself was founded in l954 as a nonprofit human rights, education, research and publishing group.

The Apex Press publishes books to build democracy with equality — without which there can be no real democracy. This perspective shapes our work as an independent small publishing house. Our publishing program has a special focus on economic and social justice and world cultures.

The Apex Press books provide critical analyses of and new approaches to significant economic, social and political issues. Its titles address these issues in the United States, other industrialized countries, and the Third World.

Apex Press also publishes books for the college and secondary school market. A number of titles have been noted by the American Library Association's Choice Magazine awards program.

The Apex Press has been the official publisher of books for POCLAD (the Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy).

The Apex Press also published books with the following imprints: